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Running water never goes stale. So you just have to "Keep on flowing"

It all started when I got my first computer with Windows 98. I needed few software for my work and some quick search on Google took me to wonderland of software reverse engineering. I quickly managed to get my hands on with some of the static and dynamic debuggers, Win32 and kernel development and the journey continues till date.

After completing my graduation in computer science engineering, I started working as a backend developer with LAMP stack. Because it was a small team, and I had to play several roles depending on the requirement. I got in touch with several tech gurus who guided me on my way and I gain experience in a wide variety of technologies. Some of them are:

  • Android (Java)
  • LAMP stack
  • MEAN stack
  • Golang
  • Machine learning
  • DevOPS
You can hire me for your projects development, server or app security analysis and guidance. I feel comfortable working with team, so if you have your in house or outsourced team, I can collaborate with them in-order to get the milestones delivered to you in a timely and quality manner.

Publications and Awards

  • Automated Image Mosaicing System with Analysis over Various Image Noise: Image mosaicing is the process of combining multiple overlapping images of same scene into a larger image. A mosaiced image is the composition of sequence of images, it can be obtained by finding out the coordinate relationship between the overlapping images.
    I have written this paper in my final semester of graduation, it included Matlab and C#
    Link: https://wireilla.com/papers/ijcsa/V6N3/6316ijcsa02.pdf

  • Indian workshop on Reverse Engineering, IIT Kanpur (2012): IWRE or Indian workshop on Reverse Engineering was a workshop on software security and reverse engineering organized by CDAC and IIT Kanpur with TCS, Microsoft and Intel.
    I presented a paper based on Polymorphic encryption which deals with software license security. The polymorphic engine produces the same logic but different machine codes

  • Looking for more?: If you are still looking for more, let me know. Meanwhile you can browse my github and social contributions.

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