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Relive retro gaming with Raspberry Pi


Retro gaming has existed since the early years of the video game industry but was popularized with the popularity of the internet and emulation technology. The main reasons players are drawn to retro games are nostalgia for different eras, the idea that older games are more innovative and original (and they are 🤫), and the simplicity of the games and the gameplay.

Thanks to the cheap yet powerful Raspberry Pi you can relive those golden moments and play any retro game on the go. There is an active community of super friendly developers and tech enthusiast at sudomod forums and discord, thanks to them to bring back those precious moments to us. They brought some of the best retro gaming devices for us:

Most of them are limited edition, and worth collecting. If you are new to raspberry or electronics, let me give you a quick explanation of things going behind these devices.

Raspberry PI is a small single-board computer and there are various models with different sizes and specs to suit your needs.

raspberry family

Being a single board computer it can be powered by a 5v DC supply and throw in some operating system loaded on the memory card, it will perform like a mini-computer.

There are few dedicated OS designed specially for game emulation such as RetroPie and RecalBox

Hence to make a portable gaming console, you will need

  • Raspberry Pi
  • A power source (A mobile charger with 5v, 2Amps DC supply) or a 3.7v Li-ion battery
  • A display (Either HDMI interface or SPI display like ILI9341)
  • A memory card with OS and games

raspberry running game

Hopefully, I will write a complete guide about making your device in the future. For now, dive into sudomod and start building

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